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JULY 21, 2008
I turned on the All Star game around 11PM (8th inning??) while relaxing in a hotel room on the road last week. Ah, summer at it's best. The past few weeks must have been hectic with deadlines and travel and summer - but it was not until the 13th inning that I remembered that I had some work in this year's All Star Game Program(!). It woke me up enough to stay with the game, which went on for another three days. This piece focuses not on the All Stars - but on what all the other players do during the All Star break. The assignment was real fun to work on... if you call this 'work'.
I went to my first baseball game at Yankee Stadium... The sights and smells and pure excitement - and that drive from Long Island into the Bronx for a seven year old suburban kid has stayed with me. Oh, and it's good to be back on earth.