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Yelminik! Can i say that on here?

AUGUST 20, 2008
The Yelminik Travel Bureau held it's multi-annual worldwide blowout poster competition and guess what? I'm pleased to say there was only one survivor! We are still working out the details and selection of the tag line, but here are the top picks: Yelminik: Comfort on every hill top. So, stop on by. And sit right down. Then go. Go To Yelminik, and go to a fine spot on the hill. Perky Yelminik: Come and enjoy! Go To Yelminik fer sure. Go To Yelminik. One house. One hill. One heckuva good time. Yelminik: It's breezy at the top! ******* Visit the Yelminik web site for terms and conditions. Void where prohibited. Not available in Jersey.