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JANUARY 13, 2009

 From time to time I like to create promotional direct mailers designed to (or intended to) hold the reader's attention for longer than a standard postcard promo. 

I've been interested in the important messages offered on Yogi tea bag labels (drink a lot of it) and the wisdom from fortune cookie fortunes, and thought they might make interesting concepts to illustrate. At the same time, I have been having some fun working up some new and varied creations in my digital style.  At first, I thought a small booklet would do the trick - but I thought these as illustrated bookmarks might be better.

I am using eight pieces - stapled together, and hole punched to facilitate a possible hang up. Of sorts. Final size: 2.75 X 8".
 The process to assemble something like this is time consuming - especially at first. But if it works well and there seems to be interest, I will consult my list of college or High School students (2?) interested in learning the fine art of illustrated-bookmark-making to help out. (Or I could just get the thing printed at a......uh, printer).
 Projects such as this usually lead to some interesting assignments. The hope is that Art Directors might spend a bit of time going through this sort of thing - and remember it. Better yet - help prompt a concept / solution for a project - and in a way, 'creating' an assignment. 
This is a re-composition of a recent piece I did for Harvard magazine. (will post later)
 Most of these are created with some mixture of ink drawing, cut paper, collage - but all digitally brought together. 
This is one I did a while ago - but I wanted to include it for overall balance. I wanted a piece with some sort of repeat / pattern...
 The raw fury of the cutting room is something every prospective intern clamors for. Designed 3 per page, planet saved, trim kept to a min.
 The bindery  - whilst dangerous - smokes with excitement. Most of the action is found near the red arrow. 
 The hole-punchery - not for the timid or faint of heart. Please see red arrow for action.
I need assistance with putting together more of these. So I am on the lookout for an intern manager: applicants must have prior executive experience, extra time on their hands, big hair. 
 Some sketches....
 Some cut paper figures. Never made it off the cutting room floor to the scanner. 
 Here are a few details that might be hard to read on the others....
 So if a black envelope arrives at your doorstep, do not despair.... Sip some hot tea, eat a fortune cookie, and read a good book... but don't loose your place.