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The first batch.....

APRIL 22, 2009
Here are some portraits from the past week or so..... I think the 19th is still in my sketchbook. The starting and finishing one per day seems to have morphed into starting three one day, completing one the next, while starting another and wondering what the hell I’m going to do with the second started three days prior. I even made a little calendar to keep things straight but it is confusing me. Is today Wednesday already? . . . This one: Dodd laughs 4/12

Eric Holder, top cop. 4/15

Stephen Minarik 4/15

A highflying financier with a colorful story.... A Taiwanese immigrant who made it big in the world of private equities.. but whose past is built on questionable university degrees and employment credentials, theft allegations from his partner’s corporate escrow accounts (millions), big-time Vegas gambling forays .... and eventually an imploding Ponzi scheme. Add to that, our next profile:

4/17... gunned down by a mysterious man that showed up at their front door asking her first if she was indeed the Mrs..... (the maid overheard, and her 5 year old was there next to her...) Still unsolved. The Mr. was out of town. Who's next?????

... the New Wife! 4/18

On a lighter note...nbspIra J. Kessler 4/20 Limited seating available - continental breakfast INCLUDED. Call now.

Roxana Saberi 4/21... being held at Evin jail in Iran...The Fargo, N.D. American journalist was initially accused of working without press creds.