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More Portraits...

MAY 5, 2009

Here are a few more from the Daily Creations Dept. ... in no particular order....

  • 4/29 Joaquin Phoenix: actor turned rapper, was rapping unintelligibly when a heckler started mocking him. Phoenix leaped into the crowd entwining himself, wrestling and snarling with the hapless heckler. Source: Some tabloid. Did you see the Letterman clip?

  • 4/24 Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno... from a mug shot. Ever see Mug Shots magazine?? Arrest photos are becoming an increasing source of fun and frivolity for Americans. Many of these photos are of those who have been arrested - but not yet convicted - causing concern with many...like those arrested! Perhaps one intention is to deter crime through public humiliation. (Fat Tony was convicted in ’86).
  • 4/25 Former Merrill CEO John “giggles” Thain
  • 4/18 KSM. Saved on my desktop as ‘hairy_1.jpg, fyi.
  • 4/26 Chairman of aluminum-extrusion maker in China makes tiny aluminum foil figurines during break-time.
  • 4/10 Curt Young from the 1991 A’s
  • 4/28 HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
  • 4/22 Kenneth Lewis of BOA, no longer CEO.
  • 4/30 Next question please. Robt Gibbs.