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Design Ranch Workshop

APRIL 26, 2007
A tile of some of the portraits from my workshop
Last weekend, I was one of the workshop leaders at Design Ranch, the AIGA event held out in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, along with designer/artist Stefan G. Bucher, design shop Decoder Ring, Fossil Watch guru Tim Hale, designer Michael Osborne, designer and teacher Petrula Vrontikis, photographer Dan Winters, and the amazing team at Yee-Haw Industries. Around 150 designers from all over the country (and Mexico!) came out for some hands on experience and fun, and the weather couldn't have been better. My workshop paired folks off for portraiture, with a demo on acrylics and some tips for getting a great painting in under two hours. Most had done little or no painting before, but we provided Bloody Marys for inspiration, and the results were outstanding. In the evenings, the bands came in and there was much rejoicing! Snapshots below:
The workshop in action
The great accommodations at Camp Waldamar
Jane, Michael, Marc E. and Murbena
Stefan and Petrula catch the band
Fred Cisneros and Joel Nakamura swing the girls around on the dance floor
It's all work during the day, but at night things get fun!
Thomas Carnegie gets in the Ranch spirit (photo: Papa Carnegie)
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