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Delusions Of Grandeur

JULY 22, 2006
you got that right, pal.
The last coupla months, when I pass a blank wall or a billboard, I've started to to wonder what I would do, if somebody gave me that space to use. I started carrying a camera around in my backpack, and every so often I'll pull over and take a couple of shots if I'm out running errands, or whatever. Eventually I started adding my stuff over the pictures in Photoshop, just for the hell of it, and as an exercise in the general Photoshop cloning/omitting/layering departments I'd like to get better in.
drive in and save.
I rode past this place for years and years, and I'd always think, yeah, i gotta take a picture of that. By the time I actually got around to it, somebody had bought it, and put up a chain link fence around it. Just goes to show ya.
this innocent-looking building could very well be a haven for enemies of the state.
I don't know what this place used to be, but that's a pretty fine-lookin crown somebody picked out for it. I was taking some pictures here, and two guys in security outfits walked up and said HEY! WHAT ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF, and I said, uh, just this building, and they said, WHY? and I said, well, just for myself, and they both kind of looked at me for awhile and then one guy said, ...WELL... OK, and they turned around and walked away.
I don't like to brag, but this is the third-largest spot illustration research and development facility in the western hemisphere.
I did this one a few years back, but I'm reappropriating it for the purposes of this article.

There are bigger versions of these, and a couple more, in the Gallery.