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Sketchbook Shenanigans October 18 Thoughts and observations from my daily sketchbook sessions for your entertainment. Oily Sketches June 23 Stages February 25 As anyone who is familiar with the self help section of their local bookstore will tell you, life is all about stages.... It's Tough Out There February 16 A happy President's Day  to everyone. Some people work today, others don't. I can never figure out whether or not... The Groveling Boys December 4 Here's a piggyback to David Flaherty's post of earlier this week.  Some thoughts bandied around during this... Calendar Rejects November 11 For the past 26 years I have been looking over my past year's sketchbooks to pick 12 images with which to make a... Recent Ruminations October 2 Maybe there is some validity to the End Times belief that has come into focus with the emergence of Sarah Palin. There... Economic Indicators June 11 We just received our tax rebate check yesterday,and I opened the envelope with mixed emotions. Because we are a family... Thank God That's Over! April 16 As a person well acquainted with the concept of deadlines, I submitted all the makings for our tax returns to my... Sketchbooks March 6 Last year Danny Gregory contacted me about a book he was writing titled "An Illustrated Life: drawing inspiration... Guns and Monkeys November 8 I was speaking with RAG the other day and he was busy developing a line of Monkey images for this year's Surtex show.... My Sketchbook of Late June 20 For the past several months I've been trying to meditate every morning before drawing in my sketchbook as a kind of... New Products from Acme March 22 Lately I've been fooling around with obscure 19th century engineering engravings to fashion modern technology to make... Sayulita Sketchbooks March 12 The family and I just got back from Sayulita, Mexico, where, when not attending to the needs of our 3 teenage boys, I... A Cool Assignment February 5 Every once in a while you get an assignment that's a bit off the beaten path. This is one I did last week for an agency... Gameboards in Search of a Game November 10 I did a painting several years ago that now hangs in my studio. I was looking at it the other day and realized it... Calendar Rejects October 26 I've just finished doing the illos for my 2007 calendar. Every year I puruse the year in sketchbooks to find 12 images... Word Drawings August 10 Here's the last two days of sketchbook pages. I've been fooling around with word compositions,  a dash of Saul... Thought for the Day July 10 This is a thought I had while drawing in my sketchbook this morning. I don't necessarily condone this type of activity,... Another Sketchbook Page June 28 One of those days, I'm afraid. I spent a considerable amount of time today putting out an IRS induced brushfire. No big... Sketchbook Page June 8 Here's yesterday's skechbook page. I try to draw every morning for myself before I start my commercial work. Sometimes...
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