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2013 Wall Calendar

JANUARY 4, 2013

I realize I'm a little behind the eight ball with this post and just about everyone already has their new calendars up for the new year, but Andrews McMeel has come out with a calendar of my word paintings. So this is the first time in 30 years that I won't be sending out my own calendar. I hate to break the string, but it made no sense this year. They are being sold on Amazon and at your local bookstore.
Purchase here.
For the past several decades, I have spent the week between Christmas and New Years, a time usually fallow for assigments, busy getting my calendars out the door, rubber stamping, writing personal notes, stuffing envelopes and applying stamps. Not this year. Instead I have been up to my ears in Renaissance art history. I accepted an adjunct teaching position at Champlain College in Burlington and will be teaching art history two mornings a week. I've always had a passion for art history, so this is a logical step for me. I've had about three weeks to prepare for the first class. I am simultaniously terrified and excited. Art history from the Renaissance to Present through the eyes of a humorous illustrator! Outta be fun.


May - Andrews McMeel was nice enough to continue my tradition of highlighting the 4th of May.


Symbolism in Jan Van Eyck's Double Portrait of Giovanni Arnfolini and his Wife anyone?

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