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Travel Sketchbooks
Maine coast sketches August 26 Here are some sketches from a trip to Maine's mid-coast last week. Black & white sketches August 21 Here are some sketches from the past month. Santa Fe sketches July 5 Here are sketches from a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe sketches June 27   Here are some of my sketches from the past week spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Conference sketches May 4 This week I was invited to sketch during two sessions of the China-Yale Healthy Cities Leadership Program at Yale... Fenway Park April 22 Here's a sketch of Fenway Park at my 9 year old son's first Red Sox game last Monday. It was great to be... Sketching in Hong Kong August 6     We're back in Hong Kong for a few weeks. It's HOT! 94 degrees and humid with tropical... Cobbler, Central August 19 My sketch of a cobbler's stall in Central, Hong Kong. This stall qualifies as the smallest shop I've seen... Wet market fish August 8 My sketch of a fishmonger in the wet market, Tai Po, Hong Kong, seen a few days ago. I like the care that she took... Return to Hong Kong August 5 We're back in Hong Kong for the month of August, and here are some sketches from the past week. I was hoping... Venice sketchbooks April 23 I've just returned from a week in Venice with two of my children. Here are some of our sketches: Hong Kong sketches April April 19 Here are some recent sketches from Hong Kong and China: 6 days in Paris July 2 Here are sketches from a trip to Paris with my family to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my wife's... My studio in Hong Kong May 9 This July I'm moving my studio to Hong Kong for a year. While there I'll conduct business as usual, continue... Street Fair People February 24 Last summer I went to a local street fair as part of a weekly outdoor sketching class.  There was going to be a... My Venice Sketchbook April 28 I've just returned from five days in Venice, Italy with two of my children. Here are some sketches from our trip: Wyoming Sketchbook August 11 Aunt Ann’s 80th birthday is the occasion for a great family gathering at a ranch on the Gros Ventre river near... China Sketchbook 2010 July 15 I've just returned from a three week trip to Hong Kong and southern China with my wife and our three children.... Figure Skating Class November 23 Every Sunday afternoon I bring my daughter to her figure skating class. My Finland Sketchbook August 29 My wife, our three young children and I have just returned from a wonderful two weeks visiting our relatives in... My Hong Kong Sketchbook July 24 I spent the last two weeks in Hong Kong with my family. Here are some impressions from my sketchbook.