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China Sketchbook 2010

JULY 15, 2010
I've just returned from a three week trip to Hong Kong and southern China with my wife and our three children. Here are some sketches from our trip:
The Star Ferry terminal, Kowloon.
During the first week it rains and rains. Even the locals are surprised by how torrential the rain is.
We recover from jet lag in our own ways.
Rain on the terrace at the YMCA in Kowloon.

Star Ferry bus terminal.
During the rainy season umbrellas are an essential part of one's wardrobe.
When an umbrella isn't available, one must improvise.
Finally the sun appears, and with the sun comes the heat.
With blazing sunshine and temperatures near 100 degrees, an umbrella performs a different function.
Like umbrellas, construction cranes and neon signs often appear in flocks in Hong Kong:

Just around the corner from this bustling thoroughfare, a mother and her twin children walk through a peaceful alley graced by an ancient Banyan tree:
Hong Kong harbor is also a bustling thoroughfare:
A solitary person in a wooden rowboat crosses the harbor between much larger, quicker vessels - a risky business!

On our last day in Hong Kong, we go to the beach on Lamma island.
The water is nearly the same temperature as the air and provides little cooling relief. It's nice to be there anyways.

For our final week we travel to Guangzhou, a two hour trip northwest of Hong Kong.
The next day we visit the local safari park.

It is very hot - over 100 degrees -  but we are brave and are happy to see all the animals.
The university campus in Guangzhou is an oasis of green tranquility with majestic trees providing shade.
Beyond the campus walls is a throbbing, muscular city of 12 million people:

On our last evening we watch the university residents who come out to exercise once the heat subsides:

Thanks to my family, to our friends Mariel and Molly who helped take care of our children, and to our many Hong Kong and Guangzhou friends for making our trip so wonderful!

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