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Wyoming Sketchbook

AUGUST 11, 2010
Aunt Ann’s 80th birthday is the occasion for a great family gathering at a ranch on the Gros Ventre river near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here are some sketches from our trip:

I like to spend time around the stables sketching cowboy boots and horses.
Early in the morning the horses are still and quiet as they wait for their riders. The light at this time of day is especially beautiful:

There’s a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons from the ranch:

Afternoon thunderstorms roll in from the west, creating a constantly changing drama of light effects that is wonderful to watch and difficult to paint:

The clouds and light are unlike any that I’ve seen anywhere else.  They change from one moment to the next, just like the weather.
We try fly fishing for the first time. Although I don’t catch anything, it’s heavenly to be down by the river watching the rapids.
Here's my daughter practicing her casting.
I inner-tube down the rapids with my son who acts as a guide (it's his third time). We have fun, and it gives me an appreciation for how strong the current really is:

Finally it's time to take off our boots and go home.
Thanks, Aunt Ann, for sharing your birthday with us in such a wonderful way. It’s a pleasure spending time together as a family. And thanks to all at the Gros Ventre River Ranch for taking such good care of us. See you next time!
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