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Street Fair People

FEBRUARY 24, 2012
Last summer I went to a local street fair as part of a weekly outdoor sketching class.  There was going to be a good blues band performing, and I was excited to sketch the musicians. When I arrived the band was taking a break so I began sketching the locals attending the fair instead.

I found a shady place to sit on a park bench with good views up and down the sidewalk. Everyone walked past me enjoying the various booths that displayed games of skill, local crafts and products. Everyone was having a good time on a beautiful sunny day, eating fried dough, cheese dogs and bratwurst. Nearly everyone was overweight.

I was particularly interested in one man who was very obese. He stayed slumped in a folding metal and canvas chair for nearly two hours so I was able to unobtrusively draw him from several angles. I wondered if this man was physically able to stand up.

Finally as I was preparing to leave the man stood up… and lit a cigarette.
Time passed and I forgot all about my sketches of the street fair people. 
Then last month I worked on an assignment about obesity for the Yale School of Public Health magazine. This assignment reminded me of my sketches, so I emailed a few to the editor asking if he might be interested in using them? I was very happy when he agreed to publish five.

Topical: Travel Sketchbooks