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My studio in Hong Kong

MAY 9, 2012
This July I'm moving my studio to Hong Kong for a year. While there I'll conduct business as usual, continue working on illustration assignments with current clients, and will look forward to working with some new clients in that part of the world.

I love Hong Kong and am very excited. We've visited several times before, though it will be a different experience getting to know the rhythms of life in the city as residents rather than as tourists. We’re looking forward to making new friends, getting to know our neighborhood and our children’s schools, and eating wonderful food. I'd also like to connect with the illustration and art community.

I feel like I'm diving into something unknown and big, a milestone in life that will be a great experience for us as a family. I’m excited about how our move will open new creative paths for me to explore and develop. I’ve been very inspired by Hong Kong on past visits and have done a lot of sketches like those posted here. It's a beautiful city with an incredibly active street and harbor life, great architecture, jungle landscapes, rollicking thunderstorms with huge tropical clouds, and always the sea. I feel so lucky.

Topical: Travel Sketchbooks