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Typhoon in Hong Kong

JULY 28, 2012
Greetings from Hong Kong. With force 10 typhoon Vicente bearing down on the city, what better way to stay in and weather the storm than to silkscreen some Zen of Nimbus t-shirts...
Typhoon Vicente, the most powerful storm to hit Hong Kong since 1999.
It was all my oldest son's idea, inspired by an article he read in Make magazine about do-it-yourself silkscreening projects. Thanks for being the catalyst for this awesome project.
We buy silkscreen supplies at an art store in Wan Chai, and t-shirts at the local H&M store in Shatin Mall.
Here's my son preparing the screen...
The first proofs on paper are inspected and approved by the master printers.
We print the first shirt...
After one print and he already has perfect technique.
A few judicious corrections with duct tape before we go into mass production mode...
We're done. We rejoice as the shirts hang up to dry. Everyone has contributed in their own fashion, especially those who made the trip to the grocery store for the Milo ice cream cones.
Next morning we wear our shirts as we watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We are team Nimbus.
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