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My Hong Kong Sketchbook

JULY 24, 2008
Star Ferry Terminal, Kowloon.
I spent the last two weeks in Hong Kong with my family. Here are some impressions from my sketchbook.

Here are two views from our room at the YMCA. That's the Star Ferry Terminal in the foreground of the painting above. The ferry became an important part of our lives since my three children were thrilled by the ride across the harbor. Naturally the ferry and harbor became the focus of my sketches.
Passengers on the Star Ferry.

Each day brought wonderful tropical storms with thunder unlike any I have heard before. Umbrellas are an important part of living in Hong Kong in the rainy season, and most stores and restaurants have a place to hang them up to dry by the front door.
I've never seen so many different kinds of boats as in Hong Kong harbor, all going in different directions, day and night. Somehow all the boats seem to know where to go without bumping into each other.
My 15-month old son liked to look out the window at the boats with his babysitter, Clarabel.
Here are sketches of an old woman who swept a nearby beach to keep it clean. I loved the way she moved, and how her huge straw hat completely obscured her face.
View from The Peak looking south. The weather was typical for a mid-afternoon in July: thunderstorms on the way, 95 degrees and near 100% humidity.
One side of The Peak overlooks the city. The other side looks over a sparsely-populated mountainside sloping down to the sea. The port of Hong Kong is so busy that there are always many container ships at anchor waiting for their cargo to be unloaded.
My only regret is that I was unable to sketch some of the incredible food we ate (southern China takes food as seriously as anywhere in Italy or France).
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