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New Work

SEPTEMBER 26, 2013
I've been buried in book deadlines, and I've been missing Drawger. It's funny how editors ruminate over layouts and sketches and then everything is due all at once. I'm clear for awhile, so I'll be digging through all the fun posts. The book work has been really fun, but you're never really off duty until the entire book goes to press. That's a later post...
The lovely thing about editorial is that it's finite. One or two pictures and out! Done! Here's some of my more recent editorial efforts...
For The Wall Street Journal. Ron Plyman, AD. for a philisophical article on a man's changing outlook on life.

Back to school night... Slate.com

Coparents; Slate.com

This was for the Chicago Tribune about a nurse's life experiences. The hardest thing she ever experienced was a dying baby who no one was able to save.

Chicago's Black Clergy struggle with the idea of gay marriage... Chicago Trib.

This was for The Wall Street Journal about a Writer's workshop on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Christine Silver, AD.

Selected drawings from a series in Marquette Lawyer Magazine about individual paths in education. Douglas Frohmader, A.D.  This was fun.
Pro bono piece foe my daughter's school..

Fear of hospitals... the editor wanted a screaming woman, so that's what they got...Slate.com

Shadenfreunde: How we love to see the mighty fall. Chicago Trib.

Collaborating Poets. Chicago Tribune

Feds allow joint tax filing for gay married couples. New York Times
As long as were doing flags, here's a sketch for a drawing on Obamacare for Saturday's NY Times.

This is the one we're running as a second spot.

This is a sketch that I'd like to have done....

This is what we're going to run. Sometimes just a simple, direct image tells the story- Health insurance choice with Obamacare. James Best, A.D.