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Robert Neubecker - studio


When I moved up to Park City almost ten years ago, we built from scratch on a mountainside overlooking town. I'd lived in lofts in NYC since the early seventies and I wanted that feel as much as possible- like a huge wall to pin stuff up on. This is the biggest and most used room in the house. I never turn on a light in the daytime and the view is constantly changing. I get sunrise in the morning and alpenglow at sundown- alpenglow is when the setting sun turns the snowy peaks pink. There are a few pictures on the walls- my Julian Allen-a portrait of Catherine Deneuve from the New Yorker, A Joel Nakamura, a drawing by Bob Gale- the best draftsman I ever saw and a colleague from my New York Times days. Then there's a birthday picture from painter Marilyn Minter, who taught at SVA for many years. A Haring print, a Mehuran drawing and there's an Anita Kunz around here somewhere too. The photos are by my old friend Larry Bair, now long deceased, and David Harry Stewart who is very much alive...
Robert Neubecker - Slate.com


These are drawings for Slate.com. I will write an article on the origins of Slate very soon- when I have more time. For now; here's the basics. Bill Gates started Slate in 1996 to prove that a newsmagazine could exist solely on the web with no print equivalent. He raided Time and Newsweek, picking up Mike Kinsley as editor and Patricia Bradbury as Art Director. Patricia hired me to do two drawings a week and I've been doing it ever since. One of the nice things is that I don't do sketches- no time- they post what I send, bless them. I'll fill in the juicy details in the coming article. In this gallery, some of the earlier drawings appear first- we were in B&W when downloads were slow....
Robert Neubecker - Air Show

Air Show

Reference pictures for Air Show- and a few of the drawings...