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The American President

MAY 22, 2020
While Olaf's popularity in his great nation of Russia has prevented him from reaching out to his American friends, Olaf now takes the time to send out a welcoming message to you all. Since the great black leader Obama left his offce, he was replaced by the new leader, President Trump. In the great Russia, we are believing that the President Trump is a reward to the Russian people and that as our great countries grow more and more alike, it is with great pride that I bring you the latest works of Olaf, based on your President as an honor to the American people.
Artistic training in Russia is of course classical and demanding, so artists not trained in the Russian way may feel embarassed at the high skills of Olaf in the portrait. Here, the likeness of the President, early in his President is of course compelling and Olaf thanks you for your praise. While America will never be as great as Russia, the President Trump seems to doing a good job in making the America at least nearly as great!
Here Olaf imagines the President in the power of the office. And how can a man under such demands keep his hair presidential and dignified? Olaf spent a great deal of attention and time on the distinguishing hair. This tremendous portrait by Olaf is a lesson in how hair is a difficult, yet rewarding accomplishment and Olaf appreciates your gratitude.

After finishing this Olaf decided to imagine the President in the dark hours when every leader must confront the issues over life and deaths.
You will see that Olaf is skilled in many styles of the paint. Here the viewer can admire Olaf Loose, which is a quicker way to the painting. Observe the dream quality of the soldiers as the President works late into the night, possibly signing an important agreement with his great friend Russia protecting citizens with little to no rights.
Finally Olaf decided to honor Melania Trump, the First Lady of America. Many wrongly believe that she is a fellow Russian and while Russia would certainly enjoy the credit for this great and stunning beauty, she is actually from Solvenia.

Olaf cleverly uses a limited pallette to portray the wife of the President, in which the great woman can be appreciated for her uniquely Slovenian features that certainly inspired the President that make her his third wife.

Olaf knows you will appreciate the honor he has bestowed upon America with depictions of your esteemed leader. Olaf will try to come back more often to the notable website known as Drawger to  provide you with more knowledge.