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Abstracting Knowledge

DECEMBER 11, 2006
Today it is sadness that Olaf realizes about the artists who paint the abstrations without the knowledge of art. In Russia, it is understanding that only after the knowledge is powerful can the artist create the abstraction. For many artists, this is sad and not true. With simple minds they go to the abstraction without the knowledge of Olaf. I show my speak American friends the power of knowledge when the abstract art is created. Olaf does not create the abstraction often, but when Olaf will do that, the greatness will come from the knowledge of art. The sleeping nude abstraction painting of my wife. She will be wishing her breasts were as large but I am telling her they are fine. Olaf can paint the abstraction and be pleased. My speaking American friends will receive pleasure to Olaf for this.
Today the sadness of the abstraction is real in the heart of Olaf. But the Spider Man said that with the great power comes the great responsibility and so Olaf will not run away. The American Football is not popularly in Russia but Olaf has abstracted the Football man with the knowledge. Olaf will tell his knowledge to the young people so that they will one day be able to paint the abstractions. Olaf knows this is not an easy way, but the great responsibility is in Olaf today.