Peter Kuper
Graphic Radicals
30 years ago while attending Pratt Institute, my friend Seth Tobocman and I decided to start a magazine. With Ronald Reagan heading towards the White House the title WW3 illustrated seemed appropriate.
Never thought we'd still be at it...but here we are and mounting a retrospective to commemorate the launch. Dec 7th a day that already lives in infamy is our opening night...
GRAPHIC RADICALS: 30 Years of World War 3 Illustrated
December 7, 2010 to February 5, 2011
Opening Tuesday, December 7 / 7-9pm

EXIT ART 475 Tenth Avenue (at 36th Street), New York, NY 10018
212-966-7745 / / A, C, E to 34th Street / Penn Station
Open Tue.–Thu., 10am–6pm; Fri., 10am–8pm; and Sat., 12–6pm.

Here's a sampling of some of the artists who will be in the show
Steve Brodner, Christopher Cardinale, Sue Coe, Scott
Cunningham, Eric Drooker,  FLY,  Mirko Ilic, Ryan Inzana,Melissa Jameson, Sandy Jimenez, Sabrina Jones, Tom Keough,Stephen Kroninger, Mac McGill,
Rebecca Migdal, Naji-Al-Ali, Kevin Pyle,
 Spain Rodriguez, James Romberger, Joe Sacco,
Nicole Schulman,R. Sikoyak, Chuck Sperry, Art
Spiegelman,Ward Sutton, , Seth Tobocman, Tom Tomorrow, Lawrence Van Abbema, Anton Van Dalen, Edwin Vazquez,  Susan Willmarth, David Wojnarowicz and oh so many more 

The opening will also be the release of the new issue...
There will also be a series of talks in January asscociated with the show
Friday, January 14 / 7-9pm
Picture the Homeless
With artist talks by Seth Tobocman, Mac Mcgill and Rebecca Migdal and
music by Eric Blitz and Andy Laties
Picture the Homeless is a grassroots organization of homeless men and women
who fight to impact and change policies and systems on issues that directly effect
the homeless population such as housing, police violence, and the shelterindustrial

Friday, January 21 / 7-9pm
Friends of Brad Will
With artist talks by Peter Kuper, FLY  and  Susan Simensky Bietile
Friends of Brad Will is a network of activists which promotes enhanced public awareness about the human rights abuses linked to the “war on drugs”. In that context, we are working to promote government policies and actions that result in accountability for the murder, in Mexico, of U.S. journalist Brad Will

Wednesday, January 26 / 7-9pm
Milk Not Jails
With artists talks by Sabrina Jones and Kevin Pyle
Milk Not Jails is a consumer campaign to mobilize New York residents to support
the dairy industry and the long-term sustainability of the rural economy. It
advocates for criminal justice and agriculture policy reform to bring about positive
economic growth.
Hope to see some of you Drawgers there

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