Peter Kuper
On The Road
Back to Oaxaca, Mexico where I lived 2006-2008. Hasn't lost any of its exotic charm...

The inspiration of travel always pushes me towards the surreal. Different moments collide and slowly form into a one interconnected image.

Drawn in the course of a day visiting Tlacalula market, the ruins of Mitla and the rug making town of Teotitlan.Those dark smears in the sky are from the Cochineal bug which is used to dye fabric and created the wealth that built Oaxaca in the 1500's-1800's

Monte Alban, was the largest city in Mezo America and sits on a mountain top a short distance from downtown. It was abandoned around 750 A.D. for reasons they still haven't figured out. Not enough water? Not enough food? Stock market crash?

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