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Randy Jones seasonal promos

JANUARY 3, 2009

Dear Drawgers:
I want to remind everyone that my Brooklyn Public Library show is up till January 10. Susann and I went out on most Saturdays before Christmas and sold several prints

    I've also been doing some promotion cards .
 Fred Clapper is an architect, and commissioned me for a card to sent to his friends and clients.
My first idea was to draw him  in the foreground at his own work station. with his interiors and exteriors behind him. Unfortunately, when I tried to amalgamate his designs it was getting too cluttered. I realised at that time, I was not an architect.
   Together, we worked up a much simpler design and featured his dog, "Bigboy"

Upon seeing Fred's card, a mutual friend commissioned another promotion card .
Jan Hartley is a projection designer for Theatre and Operas. We've shared dog friends for many years.
     Now she has two Patterdale terriers, seven Parrots , Two snakes and three horses. The horses were not in the loft.
This was a fast sketch that I photoshopped.
All her Managerie is on the front of the card , expressing their various calls. The feathers inside represent their names.                                                                                                  After Jan sent off her cards, she went to southern France for vacation. Susann and I got to spend 10 days over the holidays in her loft. It was like a zoo-keeper's holiday.