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APRIL 7, 2014
I am happy announce the opening of a very special show of the work of Kazuhiko Sano at Arte Verissima gallery in Oakland. This will be the first time his work has been publicly exhibited since his untimely passing in  2011.
If you can attend,  please do not miss this show…you will see some amazing work.

Kazuhiko Sano was  truly a  virtuoso illustrator. He used materials in ways that seemed radical and effortless, but his technical skill in acrylics was based on extensive tests and experiments to explore the outer edge of the capabilities of each color and medium. He used found objects as masks and stamps. He would use anything that might give him a way to make a mark that was unique- sponges, brooms, leaves- and of course, brushes. He kept his studio at a temperature that felt freezing cold (and in fact bought a house that stood in perpetual shade) because he could do more with acrylics in a cold room. The results were both widely varied and remarkably consistent.  Kazu was an artist whose work  defies classification.

A Dangerous Fortune

Green Eye

There will also be four of his Dinoosaur drawings at the show.

Freedom of Choice

Madama Butterfly

Kazu in his studio

I have had the good fortune to know many great artists, but I never have met anyone like  Kazu. His dedication to his work was total and absolute. Humanity, intelligence, and love are infused into every piece he did. Knowing him was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I feel privileged to help in a small way to bring his work to the public once again. Over the years, we had six two-man shows together. This show is for Kazu alone.

Kazu left behind hundreds of incredible artworks. His family has chosen the work for this show. A portion of sales will benefit the  Kazuhiko Sano Memorial Scholarship fund, given each year as part of the Society of Illustrators student show.
Opening reception April 12 2014 6-10 PM at  Arte Verissima Gallery 4432 Piedmont Ave Oakland Ca
A complete catalog will be available for purchase. The work in this article is only a portion of the work which will be in the exhibit.
Check out more on the show on Facebook
Learn more about Kazu on his Website
Please come to the opening. You will see work the likes of which you may never see again.
Special thanks to:
Lauren Szabo
Bruce Wolfe
Chuck Pyle
Ron Chan
Chisako, Yukie and Yutaro Sano
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