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Things I Paint
Portrait of Jan Hus for Liberty February 15 One of my favorite clients over the years, Bryan Gray of Genesis Design called to do a couple of portraits for the... New Britain Museum of American Art November 19 I'm a little behind with posting but I am pleased that in August, the New Britain Museum of American Art in... Dog - Tor December 18 I am incredibly happy to work with Irene Gallo once again for Tor Books/Tor.com on this project. The painting is for... Four Out The Door September 30 Posting some recent pieces done for clients and one for me.  Gabriel Finley & The Raven's Riddle September 23 It’s been nearly two years since this project started and finally, I am honored to post my cover for the young... 7 Commentaries | 5 Paintings - Tor August 21 I was asked a few months ago by Irene Gallo for Tor.com to have a go at a story called Seven Commentaries. It... Happy Holidays! December 21 To all my Drawger buddies and friends out there in the world, have a wonderful, safe and very Merry Christmas and... Vancouver Opera October 28 With Tosca opening this past weekend, I am honored and privileged to present, after nearly a year under wraps, my... Alexander McQueen August 19 My dreams are bigger than I have time for sometimes. As a personal project, I was planning on doing a few portraits... Toronto Blue Jays Care Foundation April 29 I was invited by Dave Murray, illustrator and owner of the Garrison Creek Bat Company to create a custom bat for an... Yoga Journal - Lead With Your Heart January 31 Love makes the world go 'round. Love is all you need. In time for February's Valentine's Day and... Gallery360 Exhibition June 7 I am thrilled to announce that I have a rather large show opening on Friday, June 8th at the Gallery360... Fountain of Youth January 9 This job was done for the wonderful A/D Dave McKenna at 5280: The Denver Magazine. One of the things I wanted to... Storm Thru Mississippi December 9 I love the blues. The music I love the most seems to have come from some inner core of the blues and I usually am... Vend Send Mend June 24 I created this painting for Vend Send Mend which is a fundraiser aimed at raising $8,000 for Doctors Without Borders... Bird, Jail and Flowers April 13 Art Director Bryan Gray contacted me to do this full pager for the next issue of Liberty Magazine. This was a... CMYK March 23 It's not my birthday (Happy Birthday, Zimm!) but I got my copy of CMYK just in time for St. Patrick's Day.... Controlling Internal Environments...and Pink Plants. August 20 I was contacted by Heidi Spacher at Natural Solutions Magazine to do three paintings for an article about Adult... The Wonderous Sense of Happiness...and Aliens. August 5 I finally have started getting my life back on track again.  As some of you know, I had recently moved to... Bakal/Dunlavey Sketchbook 2007-2009 April 27 Open publication - Free publishing - More sketchbook Liberty Magazine - Proposition 8 March 26 The first lines of the article: “On November 5, 2008, California voters approved Proposition 8, a state... Best Life March 12 So I got this email from Dena Verdesca over at what will used to be called Best Life Magazine about a month or two... Monday at the Society March 11 Monday the 9th was a busy day at the Society for me but when I got there, I bee-lined it into the gallery to take a... Cut to the Drummer: Bill Ward/Black Sabbath (UPDATED) February 2 Cut to the Drummer Exhibition, Music Show and Auction this week! I was asked by Sandra Dionisi along with a few other... The 'Newstand' Gallery January 27 After years of doing this, I still get a rise from seeing my work in the final printed piece.  You figured it... Pink Mountain January 22 For the most part, I work pretty often in my sketchbooks.  Actually, one day I mentioned to a friend that I think... Me + the Devil at PCAD November 18 This Friday I will be going to the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design to give a presentation of my work and spent... Deforestation November 11 I'm a tree hugger.  I've had this image rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks, in particular, the... Cheap Trust October 21 I did this one for a favorite art director Bryan Gray and again, working with him is a dream because I pretty much have... Bells & Whistles - Updated October 14 Apparently, jumping right along with JD, I am posting a piece I did for SooJin this past month also for PlanSponsor's... 'Shake' It Up September 22 I've had some successes and failures with portraiture.  I've never been a portrait artist or even a 'likeness'... Me & the Devil Limited Edition Book August 13 Me & the Devil!  I am finally getting around to annoucing this book release here!  I've been darting all... Gene Doping August 7 Here's another couple of illustrations I've done for Discover Magazine's special 'The Body' issue on newstands... PlanAdvisor Illustration August 4 While I was in Miami hanging out with Brian Stauffer, we ended up talking about illustrators and art directors, who... WSJ - Back to School July 2 This job was a fight...not for content, but for time.  I got the call on my cell phone Thursday from Pete Hausler... Black Dog May 22 It's been a while since I posted up anything work related and now I think I am going to start catching up.  I also... My Show April 8 Unfortunately, due to scheduling and time constraints, there will be no formal opening.  Weep!  S'okay... New Year's Resolutions December 31 Yup...it is that time of year where everyone feels the pain of looking at their waistline or their packs of cigarettes... Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays December 19 The beginning of the end of another year which requires by CONTRACT a sappy holiday post.  It's written into... Windchill October 23 You wouldn't know it from the weather we're having here on the East Coast but it is supposed to be getting cold. ... Quimby Gallery Show, Vermont October 3 Yesterday I shipped out 22 paintings for an exhibition I was invited to have at the Quimby Gallery at Lyndon College in... The First Day September 5 This post is dedicated to all the teachers out there. The new semester started and I happily prepped for my... The Death Bird Cometh August 7 He tweets and howls succumbing to death aloud musical wisps from beak and mouth blown a kiss, buried south Conquering Clutter June 6 After seeing some fellow Drawgers studios, I think maybe this could be an article they should read... After doing my... American Illustration June 4 I am happy to say that I've gotten the notices from American Illustration that this one will be included in the AI26... Tree of Choices May 8 Amidst the 12 paintings I've done in the last 5 weeks for various projects, I did this personal piece.  This... Dealing with Death of Dad and Dog May 7 I landed this job fairly recently for a small little magazine called Women of Spirit and as it turned out, it was... Breathe Deeply Pt. 2 April 4 Over a month ago I got a call from Joannah Ralston at Insight Design to do a series of illustrations for a trade... Breathe Deeply March 20 A few weeks ago, I was reminded how sensitive I am to smoke and oils.  One of my senior students was working in... Leppy's Attempt for More Green March 17 I was asked by Dan Smith over at the Wall Street Journal to do this piece.  As usual, an overnighter for today's... Reprise February 27 Late at night for the last week when I am done with other stuff, I've been putzing around with this from my previous... Six Children Die February 20 I was working on a series of drawings for a cover and 3 interiors over the weekend for a new client and got side... Poe (with bonus track) February 12 In the spirit of streams of portraits that get posted every now and again, here is a recent painting of Mr. Edgar Allen... "Free...as a bird." February 7 I haven’t posted new art in a while.  Just lurking with a spurt of posts here and there and I apologize that... Premature Valen-jaculation January 9 So I went to CVS to pick up some good drugs...you know...NyQuil.  It was on the 2nd or 3rd of... Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays December 24 I wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my old friends here and all my new friends at Drawger! ... What Did She Say? December 13 A new installment for the week...and rather experimental.  First, for this one, I tried to let my natural drawing... Slow Boat To China December 5 This is a job for the Newspaper Association of America.  This was a quickie I did over Thanksgiving about how not... Death By Fish December 5 This was originally a rejected sketch by Power & Motoryacht magazine.  A very good client to me but I thought... Arles Sketchbook August 19 Last year I was lucky enough to go to Arles, France for an extended amount of time.  During my stay there,... The Finished Red Hot Blues July 26 Here is the final series which I hope will end up in Mass. for an exhibition.  I am not sure now because of time...
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