Chris Spollen
Making Art, and Shooting
Art from the other side of the tracks and slightly below the tracts enter a world of cast iron pipe and steam-propelled locomotives. Old and forgotten places "Girls and Guns" Steam below ground
Still exploring the curved form played against the Straight form, so the series: “Girls and Guns”, continues.
“Space Gun”, this is an all-metal full cast zinc body electro- pop stun gun.
Trouble on the number seven local, girls need to make a living, so a little protection is often required
“Russian Steam” very rare crude but effective three shot short-range single cartridge blaster
“Hello Governor ” side arm protection for the working -woman
Note the comparatively small size of the weapon when compared to a cigarette package
A single shot “Skelton Steamer”, one of the most powerful hand held steam pistols ever created
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