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On the Road

MARCH 12, 2015
With two currents shows up one in Scranton Pennsylvania and one at Wagner College Staten Island things have been pretty busy lately….
Da Vinci’s “The Centura” #24 Milan Italy 1490 Thoughts on the mechanical and evolution of flight design. Da Vinci was very fond of this design for its cemetery and the clock like appearance the bottom wheel gave the design a clock like look.
Wagner College is a one man show” Rockets Ships to Robots’ sculptures, and prints
People, press, questions, and lots and lots of words not what I am used to having worked alone all these many years in the quiet of my small but very neat studio.
“Flying Roboton” 1952 (USA) Designed and built by the Radisson Radio Company 1952 of USA Detroit Michigan A radio controlled fully automated Roboton, that could hover as well as fly with the aid of both a gas motor as well as compressed air for lift and flight re-direction. Unfortunally it was turned down by the military as too complex to manfacture, and later turned down by several toy company’s as to costly to produce and not child safe. After a series of similar marketing shortcomings The Radisson Radio Company folded unfortunally just as am and stereo radios were coming on to the market, which would have been a boom to this small and struggling innovative company.
The 514 to Scranton Pennsylvania (Now on display) The Five Fourteen is full up on steam and on her way through the snow filled mountains of Pennsylvania. Chugging and hissing over the hills and through the frozen valleys this coal burning little ironwork horse, as she is affectioally referred to as always gets though and on time shouts the engineer as he feverously feeds coal into the glowing main boiler.
The Scranton show is a three person show Kevin Mc Closeky, Veronica Lawlor, Chris Spollen, its made up of wood cuts Kevin, drawings Veronica and sculptures Chris Spollen.
In the future I will show more prints as well as the sculptures. The stories behind each piece should also be on display, I am learning as we go along.
Folks were capitated by the detail and seemed to enjoy figuring out what the material’s that were used in the sculptures creation were.
Best of all my wife and I got to dig through the snow before the opening and visit Steamtowm National Park in Scranton Pennsylvania dedicated to steam locomotives, We must have climbed over at least twenty old very large steam machines, they were simply amazing.