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JULY 31, 2007
Space Grouper
Familiar Shapes and Forms
I have currently divided the studio into three equal but separate
parts, inking. thinking and tinkering. Having been staring into
one monitor or another for over some sixteen years now, my eyes are getting a little tired. So in order to break it up I now have a
place to draw and read, a place for the computers, three systems in total. And last but not least a shop in which to tinker.
Digital art is wonderful creating art that I simply could not in any other traditional medium, but working with ones hands is down right therapeutic. Discarded tin cans have proved to be a great source of untapped resource. With a pair of tin snips and a tube of glue and a little imagination wonderful things can be fabricated. I started out by welding the shapes, but this was rather smelly and the gas welder tended to burn holes in the tin.
Now I simply spot the area to be attached with silicone just like a weld whenever I need to bind to pieces of metal together.
 Then the finished sculpture is either digitally shot outside on location. or I shoot it in the shop against a white background, and then bring this image into Photoshop where additional elements are added.
Have a museum show coming up nest year hoping to have a collection of these completed, current working titles are “ Re - Cycled Imagination”
, “Amei - Can - Art”. “Tin Can Alley”.
Hydroplane in Trouble
Joes' Towing
KGB Broadcasting Tower
Bottom Feeder
Tow Truck