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Paradyne shift in Naval Warfare

DECEMBER 24, 2008
From wood to iron and now the warfare goes below
The odd thing about this current group of images is my process of gathering. I now take long winter walks on the nearly frozen beaches, scanning the tide line for flotsam and jetsam, the by-product of living on an island. Lots of sea soaked plastic and wood carefully laid out along the beach tide line for me to intensely pick from. As I walk, completely bundled up the sun is shining brightly, the sounds of the waves going in and out are very medative and quite relaxing. The only other sounds to be heard are sea birds who are now starting to get used to me and most dont even fly away as I slowly walk by there fishing spots. Kind of a simple way to forget this mad world we are currently living in and simply go to another place.
Boat in Dry-dock, under construction
Currently I am enjoying working with wood rather then metal. Its quite cold outside my small shop, the neighbors wood stove often wafts through with the sweet smell of burning wood. I kind of enjoy the smell in the shop, as I saw and glue with my faithful coffee cup always somewhere by my side.
John Hollands 1897 Submarine Launch
This is an artists depiction of the 1897 launch and naval sea trial test of John Hollands sixth submarine. She was fifty-three feet long and could travel at seven nautical mph submerged and at eight nautical knots on the surface. She had a gasoline engine for running on the surface and an electrical engine for running submerged. The assistant sectary to the navy loved the design, he was quoted as saying she swims like a fish and dives better then one. This all took place very close to my studio just south of the island in, Elizabeth New Jersey.
Coal Powered Dreadnought
I can almost hear the sound of this ship under way I believe vessels like this one had huge oppositely opposed pistons that made a thunderous sound as her screws turned under full steam in route towards Manilla.This was the great white fleet coal burning ships made of iron, all painted white
This tin three and a half foot sculpture has been finished for a while been sitting in the shop, Made a couple of sketches, was going to have the locomotive careening down the tracks, but its is to negative an image, I am much more optimistic then that, I think creatives generally are dreamers, or so we have been called.