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Flights of Fantasy

NOVEMBER 14, 2009
Again much to my agents chagrin I am spending more and more time in my shop and less and less time in front of my workstation. Playing with imagery that I had though all but forgotten a long time ago. French Steamer, early flight 1904 mixed media digital
The plane construction begins with several pieces of discarded wood and a few tin cans
The construction process goes on for a period of several days as the glue dries and new pieces can be applied.
Brought the completed model out of the shop and sort of enjoyed looking at it for a day or two in the studio. The wood and the albumin kind of stood out and led me in yet another direction.
This is just an experiment old head gaskets and some varnish Rocket Boy
This is from the soon to open to public faculty show at FIT. This is the work of another professor whom I have to meet with similar images of flights of fantasy. Link to faculty show Metal Transfigured is here http://www.fitnyc.edu/metal