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A Forgotten Past

JULY 28, 2017
A Now Forgotten Pats (Work and Boats} This is a current series of semi relief sculpture that I have now been working on an off.
A once proud fishing workboat she now sits idle on the shoreline. An all-wooden marvel in her time she was once considered the pride of the fleet. She now sits silently on the shoreline her once proud wooden hull slowly deteriorating in the midday sun. A forgotten piece now of an almost forgotten time once a way of life for the fishing folks along the islands small but very fertile short line.
A Now Forgotten Past {old tools} As we trade in our father’s old tools for more and more powerful smart phones and even more powerful new apps. I wonder are we truly getting smarter or are we now getting softer.
Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (Mementos from a Parallel Universe) A Dr. Dr. Zarkov designed side arm a four shot blaster classic for his partner Flash Gordon’s protection. Composed off brass, steel, and oak this is a classic ray gun for sure ray gun for sure. Dated around ninteen twenty-eight, found on a Hollywood California back lot. A true collectors item this sculpture is composed of steel brass and oak. It sits very proudly on its space deck removable base and measure’s a foot and a half wide by a foot in height.
The Lord James Flyer 1784 British Folk Art {Art from a Parallel world} A most popular piece of early English folk art dated around 1788. The Lord James piece was a much produced in various sizes and proudly hung reproduction art piece. It could be found in both pubs and homes in and around England. It was mass produced piece inexpensively created from cast pewter molds and combined with inexpensive poplar or pine wood pieces. It was a very much prized art piece and was a welcome treat inside many British estates. This is a Lord James Flyer piece oddly spotted in France recently hanging outside a now defunct French brothel named the “Le Femenick De Pleasure Parlor”.
The Moon Rocket Ship {Art from a parallel world series} A stainless steel and silver-plated hand crafted Rocket Ship a Victorian Fantasy piece, believed to be from the Victorian Era England. A very much Jules Verne inspired table display art centerpiece. {Jules Verne February 1828 – 24 March 1905) was a French novelist, poet, and playwright. A very much coveted centerpiece display of the then financially well off within in the newly emerging middle class of England. This was a result of the industrial era boom in earning as well as leisure time and the distribution of new wealth to the then new middle class. {The Industrial Era anew manufacturing processes in the period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840} Most likely made by the leading metal smiths and jewelry makers of the day. This is a rather large piece a free of standing art its three foot high and foot and half wide an all metal center piece