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Make It!

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
Make it! Think it! Sketch it! Ink it! Make it! “The Steam Powered Art Factory” is under full production mode these days Work continues on a second new series “Trains-Track’s”, metal, wood, steel, and an occisional stone or two. Fully formed freestanding train sculptures made for bits and pieces of almost anything and everything I can find a get my hands on. These new pieces of art are approximately three foot in width and approximately two and a half foot high. They are getting heavier, so the trains are made to be removed from the tracks for ease of transport. The current piece jut completed is titled “Heart Brake Rail “
Greener Pastures If profits continue to rise might be looking to expand the Company to greener pastures
Another piece form my ongoing series of "Work –Boats"“, The Brooklyn Bay Boiler”
Morning Flight,”Dawn Patrol”
The Da Vinci Flyer #6 Florence Italy1464 This design is thought to have been a far more of a decorative piece then a practical flight concept design. This one it is believed to have been a rather decorative art piece rather then a true mechanical study of a flying machine. This could possibly be an early example of Leonardo’s playfulness. Its possible he was also trying to get the church and in particular the then archbishop interested in his work hence the eloarbete enbilismnet and complex shapes. The peculiar piece was discovered in the home of the Medici family in Florence.
Georges Méliès: A Trip to the Moon (1902) How could one not resist the making of his rockeship And a special shout out to Vincent Di Fate who gave me this summer a copy of the eighteen-minute 1902 French film Simply amazing! This sculpture is a freestanding two-foot high rocket ship. Composed of both steel and wood it has a bit of a Victorian flavor