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Art & Fantasy

OCTOBER 6, 2017
"The Shanghi Hellcat" first presented “The Trains and Track Series” on stage in the Hailstorm Theater England in 1904. The crowd loved the sculptures so very much as they were slowly brought onto the stage one by one cheers and yells were heard throughout the hall. So for 2017 we are bringing back by popular demand once again a new series of sculpture’s entitled “Trains and Tracks”.
“The Trains and Tracks” Sculpture Series continue Fully formed and freestanding train sculptures made for bits and pieces of almost anything and everything I can find a get my hands on. Metal, wood, steel, and an occasional stone or two.
"Old Faithful" at the Willimantic Linen Co Old faithful would always take you up to the factory and back; Old and slow but she was always faithful Always got you they’re and back no matter what.
The Aluminum Streamliner Locomotive 1938 A streamliner is a vehicle incorporating streamlining in a shape providing reduced air resistance. The term is applied to high-speed railway trains of the 1930s to 1950s, and to their successor "bullet trains". Less commonly, the term is applied to fully faired recumbent bicycles! This is a rather large piece measuring over three-foot across and a foot and a half high. Bigger to make and a bit heavier to carry to locations but so much fun to make what can I say its train time! This is an all metal and some hard wood construction with various diverse materials and components some salvaged and some simply recycled.
My wife and I were invited to show some our recent work at the local JCC Center. Much to our surprise several pieces have taken flight, and flown away much to my amazement. Yes the membership purchased several of our pieces and they seemed to be very happy fans simply amazing!!!