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New Steam

OCTOBER 4, 2018
Here at the “Steam Powered Art Factory” we have a complete film production department underway and are active in the making images that move. We have two rooms set up for viewing our “dailies”, the candles are set all set very low and we have two “Magic Lanterns”, for viewing on our stone wall. Currently we have two stories and two corresponding short films in production ‘Tommie The Little Boy who grew up by the Sea”, He builds a rocket ship out of found parts on the beach and takes off to discover the man in the moon who is actually a woman! But there are problems he does not know how to fly a rocket ship, and Duke his best friend and old master seagull is a bird not and astronaut, but he does know a bit about flying. OMG! Stay tuned to see what happens next. “The Shanghi Hell Cat” is an ongoing production and this month she meets the New York City Press 1898 at the Bailey mansion in east Harlem lets see what happens when these two collide. Bailey is thrilled to show the world stage is strange and amazing new find fresh back from his journey to Shanghi China! Yes we serve coffee and tobacco at all viewings but no talking is allowed during the playing to after the film has been run out. The stories are still in production because the ideas are still coming in as our daily parallel life unfolds and what a ride it is.
Our story begins in the summer 1889 when the Shanghi Hell cat is discovered in China by non other the Mr. Bailey of Barnum and Baily fame she sails over to America with him to San Francisco and is then taken by train to his Harlem Mansion to meet the first NYC Press conference, and and Press NYC Press loves her and this the amazing new act.
“Tommie the little boy who grew up by the sea” a children story still in the works OMG! He has just finished building his rocket ship! Tommie is so happy the Rocetship is completely finished, but school starts in two weeks. Tommie will have to wear shoes, he hates wearing shoes And all the shoes in the classroom must be the same. What is he going to do so stay tuned to fine out Tommie does next.
On Monday mornings the ideas flow like a mountain stream one must sit down and quietly grab one or two very quickly from the ever-moving waters of the minds eye. Then with much concentration, coffee and creativity bring them to formication. Ideas are flowing these days like a nor- Easter rainstorm and this is the result of a good life. I am constantly reminding my students of the importance of silence and listening to your own voice. As a commercial artist you are a pair of hired hands and get paid to solve other peoples visual problems. But their comes a time in life and very much like an old race horse who gets tired of years of running races around the same old track for many years and finally decides to jump over the barns fence and be himself. And what a joy to simply follow your own path and create only what your voices suggest for you to make, print, paint, or weld.
When Acquiring Art “Do Not Settle Say It In Metal” And always look for the Factroy Label Or new metal two-ton iron metal press is up and running And our new business cards are now stamped from pure hot steel! “And we are proud to state that they are all made in America!” (Measuring three by four inches pressed from hot molten solid stainless steel!} (We seem currently to be very popular in Eastern Europe}
Shoals Dock Boatyard 1964 “ Happiness is truly Homemade” Another Sculpture from artist Chris Spollen’s “Work Boat Series” “Shoals Dock Boat Yard”, the Sculpture is twenty-four inches wide by eighteen inches high, composed of cardboard, wood, and iron (The boat is removable from its base) Art from “A Re-Imagined World” (Sculptures and Prints by Chris Spollen}