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Going To Press

MARCH 2, 2009
Sea Prints the book
A simple way to organize and catalog a new series

Tin Prints the book
Looks there will be three editions all art made of different re-cycled materials

Resting on the Shore line of a now Forgotten Bay
Its amazing started out in this business some thirty years ago making prints and now its sort of come full circle. Making prints once again, making art shooting the art on location and having fun.
Art studio on Wheels

My fully faired three wheel front wheel drive trike is perfect for getting to the beach back and back again to my m studio. I can carry two sculptures and my Nikon D 80 no need for gas and I leave no carbon footprint. The sea provides me with all the art supplies I need, then I come back to the seaside to shoot my creations seems to make sense to me. The ocean side is a very peaceful place and its never the same, tide, wind and light, as well as what has washed up the night before. Always fun to visit and re- visit the seaside keeps me balanced and in check. No matter what happens in this crazy world the tide will always come in and go out, there is something very comforting in that.
Golden Fish,sneak preview into the third series
My agent says are you still making rubber fish, soon you will need a rubber room my response is whatever!
Don’t you want a big car? nope! A big house, nope! , Ah your crazy, am I? .
Two books in the can one more in the works. Not Sure may be Beach Prints still in process to early to tell.