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Light My Fire

APRIL 29, 2010
When Road & Track called with the assignment of a big spark plug, my mind went immediately to the Lucian Bernhard ad for Bosch. I knew better than to open my Modern Poster book and look at it, though, because this was to be a contemporary piece and I didn't want to be influenced any more than I already was.
In the current issue of Road & Track.
I didn't have any spark plugs handy, since I haven't owned a car since 1978. And I couldn't find reference at the angle that I wanted. So, I made a 3-D plug in AI.
The profile is on the right, revolved and lit form on the left.
But I couldn't stop there, I had to redraw the shape in AI. Got to get in my vector (read punishment) time.
Then there was the dot patterns and burst stuff. It all came together, but as usual there were things I just couldn't retain from the original sketch. I'm hoping that if I can get myself to loosen up in my drawings, then the spontaneous things that happen in the early stages will still be there in the end.
rough sketch
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