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Big Mouth Open

NOVEMBER 2, 2006
One of four in a panel
I don't have to keep my big mouth shut anymore when it comes to these stamps which are set to be issued next year.
All four together
It started out as a lark... knitting postage stamps..! I thought my idea of combining work with hobby would be lots of fun, but by the time I finished doing all the changes, there were enough rejected swatches to make a cover for a king-sized bed.
The 2oz rate
Another pair set to come out next year are these wedding stamps. They take an image and a slight variation so that one can be used on the invitation and another on the response card. The one for the invitation is a 2oz. rate to account for the inserts. The return card gets a pink background 1oz rate stamp.

I hit the jackpot with these multiples, but not financially. The reward is getting mail with your own image on the stamp.
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