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And they're off...!!!

JUNE 17, 2007
I kept getting the hind ends of horses, in this picture I finally got the classic finish line photo.
Friday was a beautiful day, perfect for my trip to Belmont Park to see the races. I have questions about the need for treating animals this way, but wanted to see the horses and the racetrack that I grew up very close to, but had never visited. And I wanted to shoot some reference of horses.
The bugler looked just like the guy on the Johnny Walker label. On the right my winning horse, Spanky.
The place was pretty much empty when we arrived. A few hard core gambler types and surprisingly some families. My favorite part was when the bugler would come out and do that fanfare to announce the start of the race.
On the train ride there, I picked some horses whose names I liked. My intention was to check out the color of their silks before making my final decision on which to place my huge $2 bets. The first race we bet on I picked Spanky Fishbein. I almost changed my mind when I saw Spanky's silks. Gold and black. And that weird square outline. If I hadn't like the name so much, I would have switched to my second choice, Unity. Spanky won and Unity placed.
Clashing silks, sorry #1, forget it. You haven't got a chance in that outfit. Great old tree.
The grounds were prettier than I expected. See? I kept missing the front ends of the horses. Everything went by very fast. In the end, I was ahead $6 and change from my three bets, but then there was the $11 train ride to get out there. It was worth it, even if I wasn't a big winner.
Teaching them young and a shady spot for the work horses.
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