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The Return of Prof Stahl

JULY 16, 2007
This is a screen shot. It has tracing paper, paper textures and many Painter features. The feel of the brushes (you need a tablet to really get it) is excellent.

Did you miss me? I was in Hartford, CT for the past week, teaching in Murray and Carol Tinkelman's independent study MFA program, now at Hartfort Art School, University of Hartford. It used to be at Syracuse.

My co-teacher this time was Jean Tuttle. Fellow drawger, Scott Bakal was a student in our class along with Jack Harris, known for his website design.

Jack showed me this painting and sketching program that anyone who doesn't own Painter (and even if you do own it) should download. There is a free version and a full version for the huge sum of $20. It's really nice. Does some things better than Painter and has a much simpler interface.

Try it out..!!
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