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Musician / Architect / High School Friend, John Kuhn

MAY 19, 2006
His second album.
I don't have any music of my own to add here (believe me, you're happy) even though I am the composer of a few memorable songs sung for my dog only. But those of you in the Northampton, MA area might enjoy stopping by the Iron Horse next Thursday to hear a high school friend / local architect / musician / good guy play songs from his latest album. Proceeds of the CD go to a local hospital (told you he was a good guy.)

Here is a short cut from one of his recent songs.
Killer hair.
This is the invitation to the gig. The last release party was open to the public and I assume this one is too. There was a great group there that included his family, people who had had their homes designed by him and many friends including those of us who knew him when this photo was taken.
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