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Drawger Open

JANUARY 13, 2008
A number of us here are Scrabble players. I've played online with Linzie (she whomped me) and have logged in a half dozen games with Alan W (he's something like 5-1, coming up on set point soon). This makes me want to see the two of them pitted against each other as well as other drawgers who play.

So, I am proposing a Drawger Scrabulous Open. If you aren't familiar with the site Scrabulous, take a look. Play a few games (it doesn't cost, donations are encouraged and you only need to give them an email address and make up a screen name), see if you like it and then send me your info for the "draw".

Playing by email means that you don't have to play right away, you can answer when you have the time, but we will set a limit (say, two days) for a reply to keep the games going. Screen shots of the final board should be sent to me.

I'll keep everyone up to date on the games and we'll crown the winner in the end. Want to play? You know you do..!
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