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Open That Bottle

MARCH 15, 2008
On the front of the Weekend section. This ran in color.
I had a fun, quick job for the WSJ this week. Ketrina Hoskin was the art director and she was terrific. The article was reporting on the results of this year's "Open That Bottle" night. People who participated wrote in to tell about the wines they had been saving and how they tasted and why they had held onto them.

They had asked for hands opening a bottle using a corkscrew, but when I got mine out to photograph, I liked the celebratory pose it made and added a question mark to show how doubtful many people were that the wine would be any good. The descriptions of the wines that didn't make it were the most fun, "smelled like air let out of a basketball".
White wine memories.
The two drawings on the inside ran in b&w, a real disappointment. Still it was fun to draw.
White wine sketch
I had pictured doing a very graphic treatment but the folks at the WSJ wanted some perspective to the glass and a more painterly technique.
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