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Another not destined for any annual

AUGUST 11, 2008
Well, at least I'm having a good time.

The AD originally wanted me to knit something to go across an entire spread in her magazine with the word "Fabric" woven into the weave. I was so excited to be using my "crafts as illustration" side that it took me a half a day to realize that the close up she wanted wouldn't allow enough room for the word to be knitted in and that even if I could do something, I wouldn't have the lens or ability to photograph it properly.

So, I sent her a sketch of a way for me to draw the weave large as she wanted and get the title on there. I would draw the fabric and add a satin label.
I started in Illustrator and messed around with it a bit more in Photoshop. My original plan had been to stitch out the lettering, but with time constraints, I decided to break out the clone tool rather than my embroidery machine. My favorite touch was the loose thread.

The art director was very pleased. Everyone was happy. A day or two passed. Then came the call..... the title of the article was "Fabric Fundamentals". Could I write that on the label, please? I asked her to let me see what I could come up with rather than squeeze all that on one line.

In the end, I decided to make it the care label. Or "made in...". One of those many add ons that scratch our necks. She liked the idea. I didn't have to ruin the lettering and a hush of peace covered the earth. The end.
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