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Bikers... wear your helmets..!!

AUGUST 10, 2006
I'm sure you serious bikers are excellent about wearing a helmet when you ride, but people like me who take a slow ride in the park aren't always as careful. I will be from now on.
side and straight on view of the alledged foreign item
Freak accidents do happen. I was riding the one city block from Riverside Park to my building. A friend was along side me until I pulled ahead and crossed to the other side of the street. I turned for a split second to see where she was and in that time managed to fit my tire exactly into a stray piece of hardware on the ground. It was slotted to fit perfectly and acted like a brake shoe bringing me to a dead stop.
Wonder if this would have happened if I had won at tennis.
Next thing I knew, the view was 100% macadam and my chin was bouncing off the pavement. I ended up with my legs behind, tangled in the bike. My friend and some kind strangers got me free of it as I watched the blood pooling under my face.

Not my favorite day. And guess who isn't painting her apartment as planned.
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