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Thanks illo. Magazine..!

AUGUST 13, 2009
Dan Zimmer, publisher of illo. magazine asked me to contribute images for an article... ages ago. He's been having a tough time launching the magazine and this was to be the second issue. Time passed and I thought it had slid along the economic downturn, but he was hard at work getting it to come out and finally, last week, twenty-four issues of his new magazine appeared on my doorstep.

Most of the work I have in here will be familiar to you all. He picked up old pieces as well as new and even threw in my knitting at the end. I'm very grateful for the nice spreads and wish him the best. Pick up an issue. Support our profession. And catch a similar article on Zina (including one of her portrait studies, Barry Blitt).

Spread 2 - work done in Painter
Spread 3 - pre-computer gouache paintings
Spread 4 - the process
Spread 5 - do I have these in order? the one on the left is gouache, the right digital
Spread 6 - more digital work
Spread 7 - some postage stamps.. these are intentionally blue, it isn't a color problem, don't adjust your set
Spread 8 - to prove that I use colors other than blue
Spread 9 - isn't it incredible that Dan was so generous? And on the right you see the small version of the cover image by Michael Cho. Now you know what to look for on the newsstand..!
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