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Organized Crime

AUGUST 20, 2009
Interior image of criminal committing cyber-crime. Maybe he knows what happened to the accompanying text I wrote that disappeared.
The magazine cover image of product vs. online theft. The circuitry got a little Klimt inspired from a trip to the Neue Gallery last spring.
Getting into character can be lots of fun. Figuring out what makes my face more masculine vs. feminine is, too. Photoshop makes it easy with the XX filter. From the menu bar go Filter > Distort > "Man"-ipulate.
This was a week that looked to be a killer, but ended up with things falling into place and actually staying there. These two images for a magazine titled CSO ( I hadn't heard of it before I got the call) came and went without a hitch of any kind. That makes it a dream job in my book. My thanks to the AD, Steve Traynor and to the Joseph Cotten marathon on AMC.

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