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Two Covers for Mother Jones

NOVEMBER 7, 2012

Since there are a few Mother Jones posts here I thought I would show my two covers for this month's magazine.  Tim Luddy said there were going to do two covers, one for the mail subscribers and one for newsstand. 
I took the assignment and though both were different, I was able pull it off.
The first and hardest was the cover that stated "Sugar Kills"  
My image was reminiscent of a well known cultural advertising icon from the 70's.  I think Tim thought I would do the cover of a sweaty pitcher with a skull drawn onto it.  Funny thing was I never thought of doing that.  I assumed the skull being hidden inside was a better read.  He agreed and it was approved and I went to final.  First though, we investigated the idea of doing the cover as a Mexican Sugar skull.  It almost went to final but Tim rethought it and came up with the pitcher idea.
Mexican Sugar Skull artwork

Possible cover direction

Final Cover A

Who doesn't love painting water drops?
The second cover was an easier process.  A cover depicting a man in solitary confinement.  Tim had a good layout already so I just had to make it real.
I posed for the man and made up the room.  Thought of a Matt Mahurin piece I saw years ago the whole time I was doing this one. 

I must toast the great Tim Luddy, who loves illustration and uses it.  Drawger frequently shows work he assigned and we love working for him.