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Tim O'Brien ~ Your Dreams My Nightmares

MARCH 3, 2013
Spring, 1986

This past week I sat down in a quiet storage archive, actually the new MoCCA collection room at the Society of Illustrators, to record an episode of Your Dreams My Nightmares with host and creator, Sam Weber.
Just like many of you, I love to work on paintings and listen to radio, recorded books and podcasts.  A podcast about illustration is just about perfect.  There have been noble attempts at this in the past, but Sam's endless curiosity, his thoughtful preparation make his podcast the one to follow. 
I have been listening to these for a while now and enjoy learning about people I know only a little and those I thought I knew well.  Each week you learn something new.  It might annoy you or inspire but it's a real gift to the industry.
I wrote Sam an appreciative fan letter about these shows a while ago and we discussed me doing one.  Finally after many months we were able to do it.
It was a good week to do it also.  The previous week a talented group of young illustrators discussed how they are navigating the field in 2013.  It was an eye opening listen and as I hope it came off, we were both applauding their ingenuity yet still pondering our profession's historical attraction for young artists and what that means for our future.  This is where the conversation starts and we talk non-stop from there. 
As I was doing the interview, I was again reminded how good Sam is following up with questions, circling to topics he's curious about and as always, finding a way to talk about the journey young illustrators must make.
My admiration for practitioners of the art of illustration is huge.  I am in awe in 2013 with the ingenuity, the humor, the virtuosity and vitality I see out there.  I am just happy to be in this field and that I can ride this rollercoaster with all of you.
I hope you take a moment to listen to this and all the shows.
Tim O'Brien Episode 046
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Spring, 2013

A special thank you to the Society of Illustrators, our home in the industry, for hosting this interview.
If you are not already a member, please join this year.  The mission of the Society of Illustrators is to celebrate the art of illustration past, present and future. 
In each era the best and brightest stepped up to join the Society and carry it forward.  This is our era and now is the time.
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