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Brooklyn Bridge

OCTOBER 10, 2008
This was a monster of a job I did a few months ago that I can finally show.  The client was TAG.   Jermaine Dupri, a music producer, is  the president of the TAG Records, handling all creative and talent development.  Yes, TAG is a body spray.  I have never used such a product but this is being marketed to a younger demographic.  I suppose you if you tell kids they smell and show famous people using an anti-smell spray, they will buy the product.  Brilliant.  Jermaine was the main character of the piece.  The main point of the campaign is to launch the record company.

This assignment came to me then went away.  It quickly came back with much more urgency.  The client wanted a specific scene that was based on Washington crossing the Delaware River.  I knew this job was a bear so I took a deep breath and dug in.  The ADs were terrific when they came to me the second time and were really supportive while still asking for many changes.  They offered a digital comp based on shots they took and it was my job to paint the scene and achieve the right look.  The final is rougher than I usually work but still interesting.  I had very little time to do the original art.

The main idea, that a car can ride across the Brooklyn Bridge seems so wrong to me.  I run over it every weekend and it's not possible.  Still, the idea worked I think.

It's easier for me to be painterly when painting small.
Jermaine Dupri