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APRIL 22, 2009
A few years ago I was asked to do the poster for Earth Day.  It was the 'official' US poster.  What a gig but what an anxiety producer as well.  Anytime you get an assignment that will be seen by all and will stand next to other talented artists who've done posters as well, the knees knock a bit.  I sketched around for a while and thought of doing a bird.  I wanted to fill the space with wings in some what and when I drew the wings all expanded and up, the shape was a circle.  THIS is why sketching ideas is the best way to work.  Your brain can think of ideas but drawing can uncover hidden ideas through shape recognition.

Anyway, my son it in 4th grade and Earth Day is a big deal in his school.  That's good for all of us.
I'm sure the accuracy police can have a field day with this bird...it's really a made up bird but you know the shackle a realist has to haul around...
I had a long dimension to deal with and thought of cutting off much of it with a closer cropping.  However, I wanted to add some rain forrest to the poster since the topic arose in an early discussion with the AD.  Being this far away allowed me to hint at it yet still get it in there.